We welcome customers from a wide variety of cocktails and delicious dishes

The Minami bar will make cocktails after listening to your mood and preferences when ordering so that you can enjoy a satisfying drink. In addition, we offer a variety of dishes where you can enjoy cocktails, and strive to ensure that customers have a satisfying time.
Cocktails created by a variety of methods are something that no other restaurant can taste, and can be used by anyone. We are always accepting inquiries from telephone, so please consult us when you order.

About the exclusive liquid nitrogen cocktail at the bar in Minami

Liquid nitrogen is a technique that is used in various dishes, but it has also spread throughout the cocktail world. The feature is that by using liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius, the material can be frozen instantly and the original taste of the material can be condensed. In addition, it is a frozen cocktail that does not use ice, so you can enjoy the rich flavor forever without losing its taste over time. This menu has a great impact on the appearance of making cocktails, so you can enjoy the time until completion.
In addition, the appearance at the time of delivery will be excellent in design, so you can enjoy a cocktail just by looking at it. Not only enjoy the taste of cocktails, but it is a cocktail that you can feel a single attraction, so if you want to experience it like never before, please enjoy it.

A bar in Minami guides you to scented cocktails

In recent years, cocktails have been developed with unprecedented ideas and labor, and the methods and ingredients used are diversifying. Meanwhile, smoked cocktails are richer than other cocktails and have a unique aroma. It may be difficult to imagine when you hear smoked, but the smoked cocktail is made by mixing the smoke that comes out with the liquor using wooden chips that are used when making smoked products. The scent of wooden chips is transferred to liquor, and you can enjoy a smoky cocktail that you cannot taste elsewhere.
If you use fragrant liquor, you can make it more fragrant. Depending on factors such as the type of wood chips and mixing time, smoked cocktails have an interesting flavor that changes each time. Please contact our staff if you are interested.

Suffixed by a shop that operates the bar in Minami

The method of making cocktails is increasing year by year, and many people enjoy other ways to enjoy liquor. In addition to liquid nitrogen cocktails that can be enjoyed, it is possible to introduce fragrant smoked cocktails and cocktails that incorporate a technique called spherification that produces liqueur grains. Spherification means a sphere source, and pearls and egg yolks are included in the cocktail.
The taste of the sufficiency changes depending on the material used, and the look is cute and unique. There are few bars available, so it is popular as a cocktail where you can enjoy a new texture that has never been seen before. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in cocktails using sufficiency.