We will color your time from a wide variety of cocktails

At the bar in Minami, we guide you with a strong commitment to alcohol so that you can have a satisfying time. A wide range of drinks such as gin, vodka, and tequila, and a menu that satisfies those who like alcohol.
Seasonal fruits are used for cocktails, and are made using techniques such as liquid nitrogen, smoked products, and refinement. Please order our unique cocktails that cannot be tasted elsewhere.

A separate charge (500 yen) is required.

Amounts are indicated with tax.

A wide variety of drinks such as gin, vodka and tequila are available so that those who like liquor, as well as those who are not very specialized in liquor, can enjoy it. In addition, it is a shop that offers abundant shochu and beer. In addition to alcohol, non-alcoholic cocktails (mocktails) are also available, so if you drink too much or you can't drink alcohol, you can enjoy it. Among the alcoholic beverages we have prepared, the cocktail menu has been satisfied by many customers and has been highly appreciated.
Cocktails are made using methods such as liquid nitrogen, smoke, and refinement, and the uniquely developed cocktail stimulates the five senses that cannot be tasted elsewhere. Because it uses seasonal fruits, it is possible to enjoy seasonal cocktails. We will provide it according to your mood and taste, so please enjoy a wide variety of sake when you visit.