Various guides with high quality bars in Minami

We open a bar in Minami and offer a wide variety of drink menus, special dishes, and original cocktails. It is a quiet and quiet space where you can spend your time in a cozy atmosphere.
Cocktails using seasonal fruits are also popular, and we have heard that you can enjoy different ways each time. We will introduce various information on the site at any time, and we also accept inquiries from the telephone.

Minami bar offers a wide variety of liquors

We have prepared a wide variety of brands, valuing the provision of liquor tailored to each individual customer. Alcoholic beverages with relatively high alcohol content such as gin, vodka, and tequila are also available, so you can get drunk. A wide range of beer and shochu that you can drink in your daily life are also available. In addition, the original cocktails made using smoked, liquid nitrogen, and spherification techniques with seasonal fruits are also highly regarded.
It is a shop where you can taste different flavors and textures every time because you can make a variety of liquor cocktails. Cocktails are less burdensome than drinking alcohol alone, and can be adjusted according to customer requirements, so even those who are not good at drinking such as beer or shochu can enjoy it. If you are interested, please order once.

At Minami's popular bar, professional staff make delicious dishes

It is known as a shop that is located very close to the station, and many customers are satisfied with the original cocktails using seasonal fruits. A large number of liquors are prepared so that a wide range of cocktails can be guided, and a lineup tailored to any taste is prepared. The food menu is recommended for those who want to taste food with sake. Some people get drunk right away with alcohol, but you can get drunk gently by taking it with cooking. In addition, it is a restaurant where you can spend the time you want as you enjoy more delicious dishes together.
The food is carefully prepared and prepared after ordering, so you can taste it in the most delicious state. There are various menus such as oyakoyaki, sausage and omelet rice, so please enjoy with sake.

If you are looking for a bar in Minami, please contact us for any requests

If you are looking for a bar, Minami is open from night to morning, so it's popular with reviews. The location is very close to the nearest station, and the inside of the store is calm and chic, with a sense of luxury. There is a wide range of drinks from liquor to non-alcoholic drinks, and there are unique cocktails, so it is a shop that can be enjoyed by both men and women. Many delicious dishes are prepared so that you can enjoy the time at the store, and only drinks and food menus that are carefully selected are used. Therefore, it can be used for a wide range of purposes, not only for one person, but also for dates with important people, company entertainment, and large groups such as women's associations and secondary parties.
We are always ready to meet your needs, and you can ask us by phone. Please consult us about any details, such as consultations on food and drinks and restaurant reservations.

The bar in Minami receives evaluation voices as a station Chika shop

When you want to use a restaurant where you can enjoy alcohol and food, there are many people who check the taste and popularity of the taste. Convenience is another factor that can influence the decision to actually go. No matter how tasty and popular it is, you can't easily visit it if you are far away from nearby stations, especially if you drink alcohol, you will often feel uneasy unless it is a convenient place. . In order to provide customers with peace of mind, we are operating within walking distance from Nagahoribashi Station and Shinsaibashi Station.
The shop is open from night to next morning, and since information is also provided on the site from time to time, it is a place where people who finish work or want to enjoy a drink after meals can come and go. The location, opening hours, and various menus to be shown are highly satisfying, and we have received feedback from customers. Many people use it, so please feel free to visit us.