Cocktails to entertain guests guided by a bar in Minami

In the shop that operates a bar in Minami, we have prepared a wide variety of menus to satisfy customers. Among them, cocktails made using various methods have unique tastes and features, so they are often ordered.
The appearance and taste that stimulates the five senses that cannot be tasted at other shops are highly evaluated in word of mouth. We will make cocktails according to each person's taste and mood, so please feel free to contact us.

A bar in Minami guides you through the highly acclaimed liquid nitrogen cocktail

In recent years, a wide variety of cocktails have been made by various methods. Among them, the liquid nitrogen cocktail using liquid nitrogen is popular. Because liquid nitrogen is used when making cocktails, you can feel the joy different from ordinary cocktails. The fruit and liquor can be quickly frozen to condense the flavor and flavor, making the cocktail look vivid and beautiful. Unlike frozen cocktails, it freezes without giving water, so it doesn't become watery and you can enjoy the rich flavor of the ingredients.
Many of these menus have received many reviews and have been highly evaluated because they offer a taste and texture that are different from those of traditional cocktails. Of course, we will also offer cocktails using seasonal fruits every season. Please come and experience a unique cocktail that you cannot find anywhere else.

Taste a fragrant smoked cocktail at a bar in Minami

The first thing you can imagine when you hear smoked is ham or sausage, but the shop adds smoked elements to the cocktail. There are many people who don't know what it is like, because it is hard to imagine the sake of sake. Mix the scent of the wood chips used in the liquor to create a fragrant cocktail. It is a very popular menu for those who like smoky sake because it mixes smoke into a liquid and pours it into the glass with smoke. The flavor changes depending on the type of wood chips used and the mixing time, so you can enjoy a variety of flavors.
Smoked cocktails with a strong fragrance are cocktails that you choose to drink, but they also have a lot of charm to satisfy those who drink. If you are interested, in addition to the standard cocktail, please try our original smoked cocktail.

About the refinement of bars operating in Minami

The Minami bar offers a variety of base cocktails to guests. The taste of the cocktail changes depending on the liquor used for the base, and you can enjoy a completely new taste. Cocktails taste differently depending on the type and proportion of liquor, but the taste varies depending on factors such as the number of stairs, liquor temperature, and ice condition. Adding a new appeal to such a cocktail is a technique used for cooking called sufficiency. By using this, it is possible to make from pearl to egg yolk.
Famous methods include freezing puree and covering it with vegetable gelatin, and submerging sodium alginate solution in calcium solution to form a film. The sensation of liquid flow when crushed cannot be enjoyed with regular cocktails, and we have received reviews from customers. If you are interested, please order without hesitation.

If you are looking for a bar, please contact a store that operates in Minami.

The bar in Minami is open within walking distance from Nagahoribashi Station and Shinsaibashi Station. The shop is open from night until the morning of the following day, so any customer can go to the office workers, couples looking for a shop on a date, second party or girls' party, etc. is. While holding seasonal events, we are working to make regular customers enjoy new food and drinks.
Alcohol mainly serves cocktails, and cocktails are made using various types of sake and seasonal fruits. The methods are also smoked, liquid nitrogen, sufficiency, and so on. Of course, the food has a rich lineup that takes advantage of the taste of sake, so please feel free to come if you are interested.