Minami's famous bar fulfills your wishes

The bar in Minami has a system that allows you to respond to your request, valuing the guidance that suits each customer. There is an extensive menu of dishes and drinks, and you can make a reservation from the telephone at any time.
Due to the calm interior and the atmosphere of a hideout, it has been well received as a restaurant that you can accustom to any use. You will be greeted by a variety of delicious dishes and drinks, so please feel free to contact us when you order.

The bar in Minami receives evaluation voices as a station Chika shop

When you want to use a restaurant where you can enjoy alcohol and food, there are many people who check the taste and popularity of the taste. Convenience is another factor that can influence the decision to actually go. No matter how tasty and popular it is, you can't easily visit it if you are far away from nearby stations, especially if you drink alcohol, you will often feel uneasy unless it is a convenient place. . In order to provide customers with peace of mind, we are operating within walking distance from Nagahoribashi Station and Shinsaibashi Station.
The shop is open from night to next morning, and since information is also provided on the site from time to time, it is a place where people who finish work or want to enjoy a drink after meals can come and go. The location, opening hours, and various menus to be shown are highly satisfying, and we have received feedback from customers. Many people use it, so please feel free to visit us.

A shop that operates a bar in Minami can be used for various purposes

For customers who need to find a place where they can enjoy liquor, we are always available for consultations and reservations over the phone. The inside of the store is a space that takes care of the calm interior and interior, and it is a feature that any customer can easily use. There are many people who drink a lot of sake, but there are many people who enjoy cooking other than sake and go for colorful and unique cocktails. It is. Of course, we are traveling to those who want to spend their own time alone or who are thinking about using them on a date with an important person.
The use of the store varies from person to person, but we strive to create an atmosphere that can be used according to the purpose of use, and many customers have received joy. Please tell us by phone once for any order.

A cozy space where you can spend time in a bar evaluated by Minami

At a shop that opens a bar in Minami, we believe that it is important for customers to visit each time in a relaxed time, and we are working to bring satisfaction back to their hearts. If the store isn't comfortable, you can't spend time slowly, and depending on the situation, you can leave the store. For this reason, the interior is designed with special attention to create a luxurious and relaxing space. In addition, the unique method of cocktails is not only about taste, but also has elements that can be enjoyed just by looking at them.
Corresponding staff carefully provide customer service and service information so that each customer can experience a comfortable space. This is a restaurant that is highly appreciated by customers who use it, and can spend time without hesitation. Please spend a luxurious time in a homely space.

A bar in Minami guides you through the highly acclaimed liquid nitrogen cocktail

In recent years, a wide variety of cocktails have been made by various methods. Among them, the liquid nitrogen cocktail using liquid nitrogen is popular. Because liquid nitrogen is used when making cocktails, you can feel the joy different from ordinary cocktails. The fruit and liquor can be quickly frozen to condense the flavor and flavor, making the cocktail look vivid and beautiful. Unlike frozen cocktails, it freezes without giving water, so it doesn't become watery and you can enjoy the rich flavor of the ingredients.
Many of these menus have received many reviews and have been highly evaluated because they offer a taste and texture that are different from those of traditional cocktails. Of course, we will also offer cocktails using seasonal fruits every season. Please come and experience a unique cocktail that you cannot find anywhere else.