We will respond from the space where each customer can be satisfied.

At Minami's bar, the staff chooses alcohol and fruit to make cocktails according to customer requirements and preferences. This is a restaurant that offers a wide range of menus that can be relied on even if you have never visited such a store.
It can be used for a variety of purposes and situations, as it enhances the customer's mood not only from sake but also from cooking. Inquiries are received from the telephone from time to time, and various information is introduced on the site.

Hospitality that suits each customer at the bar in Minami

As a shop that operates a bar in Minami, we are striving to make it easy for everyone to visit. For this reason, we are paying attention to the interior and atmosphere of the interior, and we are working to make it possible for everyone to spend their time in a relaxing space. Although it is a restaurant with a high-class atmosphere, the staff carefully considers each customer, and when making a cocktail, it is made after confirming the contents that become hope, so even those who are not strong in liquor are cheap You can use it with heart.
In addition, you can enjoy more sake because there are a lot of dishes that are compatible with sake. If you are interested, please let us know because it is a restaurant where you can enjoy unique cocktails and delicious dishes in a hideaway atmosphere.

If you are looking for a bar, please contact a store that operates in Minami.

The bar in Minami is open within walking distance from Nagahoribashi Station and Shinsaibashi Station. The shop is open from night until the morning of the following day, and any customer can use it, from office workers on the way home, couples looking for shops on a date, secondary parties, girls' associations, etc. is. While holding seasonal events, we are working to make regular customers enjoy new food and drinks.
Alcohol mainly serves cocktails, and cocktails are made using various types of sake and seasonal fruits. The methods are liquid nitrogen, smoked, and sufficiency. Of course, the food has a rich lineup that takes advantage of the taste of sake, so please feel free to come if you are interested.

A bar in Minami guides you to your liking

In order to taste delicious sake, it is necessary to adjust to your liking. In addition, since customers have the characteristics of being strong and weak against alcohol, when ordering, we will make cocktails after listening carefully to your wishes. In addition to standard cocktails that are widely known, it is also possible to guide mixology cocktails using unique methods such as liquid nitrogen, smoked products, and refinement.
Mixology cocktails are different from previous cocktails, and each cocktail is directed to entertain different senses, so you can fully enjoy the performance until you make it. Our original cocktails made with seasonal fruits have been highly appreciated by many people, so please be sure to order them if you are interested.

Taste not only liquor but also food at a bar in Minami

What is important when tasting liquor is the food that we serve together. Cooking not only has the effect of advancing alcohol, but you can also enjoy a sense of happiness by eating food that goes well with alcohol. We have prepared a variety of dishes that have been carefully prepared using carefully selected ingredients so that customers can enjoy delicious dishes with delicious sake. We offer a variety of lineups that can satisfy even just a dish, such as the popular sausage as well as the popular special omelet rice.
You can spend time at the restaurant while enjoying not only delicious sake but also a variety of carefully selected dishes, so please feel free to order from the staff when you are hungry.

Introducing a variety of information on bars in Minami from the blog

It is open from night to the next morning in a location that is easy to reach from the station. Guidance of cocktails according to each customer's request, we have received high praise for a wide variety of cocktails made from various methods. The shop has a high-class atmosphere, so you can use it not only for those who want to spend their time quietly, but also for dates with loved ones and for girls. In addition, it has been used by various customers so far, as it offers seasonal events, cocktails using seasonal fruits, and delicious dishes.
We have started a blog so that not only regular customers but also those who want to use it in the future can feel the atmosphere of the store closer. Since it is updated regularly, please take a look at first.