Get to know fashionable cocktails at the Minami Shinsaibashi bar! !! (acacia)

2020/12/25 Cocktail recipe
Acacia cocktail

Get to know fashionable cocktails at the Minami Shinsaibashi bar ! !! This time I will introduce Acacia.

This cocktail is a cocktail with the image of a flower called acacia and has a sweet and refreshing taste, but the frequency is a little higher. By the way, the acacia flower language has meanings such as elegance and friendship. It is a type of plant with multiple small yellow flowers, and the color of the cocktail is made like that.











Put the above ingredients in a shaker and shake. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass.


Many people come to Cocktail Lab in Shinsaibashi as a couple after a meal on a date. There are many fashionable cocktails, and the bartender will make them after listening to the customer's request, such as using fruits and adjusting the frequency, so you can easily order even if you are not familiar with the bar. If you want to have a cool drink with us on a date, please come to Cocktail Lab.


I have introduced how to make it on Youtube, so for reference


Cocktail Lab

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Acacia flowers