A shop that can be easily used by customers with any requests

If you're looking for Minami's famous bars, you'll be guided to the popular Cocktail Lab Kakurabo. Is a short walk from the nearby train station, shops that carry the feel free to foot anyone like because it is open from night until the next day of the morning. The interior of the shop is a calm and chic space, and the quiet and luxurious atmosphere can be used not only for one person but also for entertainment and dates. A wide variety of liquors such as gin, vodka, and tequila are available, and you can also introduce your own cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails (Mocktel). In addition, many dishes that go well with sake made over time are available, so it can be used by a large number of women's associations and secondary parties, so please come to the store.

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Store name

Cocktail Lab Kakurabo

Street address

1-17-27 Higashi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Niho New Columbus 3F-13

phone number
business hours

20:00 〜 5:00

Regular holiday





We have a bar in Minami, offering our customers a variety of unique cocktails, a wide variety of liquors and dishes that go great with alcohol. Many of the sake and dishes offered using carefully selected methods and ingredients can only be tasted that you cannot taste elsewhere. We will introduce a wide range of information on the site and strive to make our customers happy.

We will make cocktails that suit your taste and mood

Enjoy delicious food and liquor in a relaxed space

The shop is located within walking distance from Shinsaibashi Station, and it is open from late at night to the morning, so it is easy for those who return to work. It is a shop that can be used for any purpose because it offers a variety of foods that can satisfy your hunger and a variety of liquors that excite your feelings. The interior of the store has a calm and high-class design, and after listening to each customer's requests and feelings, we will provide delicious drinks and dishes. Not only the taste is delicious, but it can also be enjoyed by smell, touch, and sight using techniques such as liquid nitrogen, smoke, and refinement, and it has been used by many people. It is perfect for dating, entertainment, girls' meetings, etc., as well as for single use, so you can meet new attractions every time you visit because it also has seasonal events.
It ’s a bright atmosphere where everyone can go, and it ’s possible to get information on various menus because of the closeness to the customers. If you are looking for a fashionable shop, want to spend time in a quiet shop, or if you want to enjoy delicious food and drinks, please feel free to come first.

The bar is open in the Minami area, and has a reputation for enjoying a taste of discerning taste in a quiet and calm space. The shop is closed irregularly and is posted on the website from time to time. Since it is open from night to next morning, it can be used for a wide range of purposes such as entertainment and dating. The dishes are carefully prepared and carefully prepared and then cooked after ordering. We also have a menu where you can enjoy sake, such as the popular omelet rice and sausages that go well with sake. There are a wide variety of liquors such as gin, vodka and tequila. In addition, beer and shochu are available, and non-alcoholic cocktails (mocktails) can be provided for those who cannot drink.
It is also popular as a restaurant where you can introduce your own cocktails. We also have a menu to make seasonal fruits cocktails using methods such as liquid nitrogen, smoked products, and sufficiency. You can adjust the strength and taste of liquor according to your taste and mood, and you can also see how it is made, so you can enjoy it with various elements. If you are looking for a bar in Minami, please come to the store to enjoy a cocktail that stimulates your senses.